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K-beauty Product That Helped In Hyperpigmentation

K-beauty Product That Helped In Hyperpigmentation

K-beauty Product That Helped In Hyperpigmentation

Dark spots, also known as hyperpigmentation or age spots, is a common skin problem that can increasingly grow as age progresses. Hyperpigmentation is a skin condition that occurs when skin cells produce excess levels of melanin which darkens the skin beyond its normal colour. Dark patches (melasma), spots and circles are all types of hyperpigmentation. Acne marks and sun tanning are also signs of hyperpigmentation. At its worse, it can leave your skin looking dull with a rough and uneven complexion.

One of the most common misconception about hyperpigmentation is that it will fade away by itself and that no treatment, of any sort, is necessary. It is true that some types of pigmentation, like acne scars, can eventually fade over time (keep in mind that this doesn’t happen overnight, but can take a few months, or even longer). However, the majority of hyperpigmentation like pesky sun spots still need to be treated in order to be fully eradicated.

First, what is melasma?

Melasma is a condition that is more common in women and results in skin that looks discolored (often a dark brown). It typically appears in areas that receive sun exposure (cheeks, forehead, etc) and often occurs in women who are pregnant or on birth control (due to hormones) and women who are of Eastern and Southeast Asian descent.


Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, commonly abbreviated as PIH, is the abnormal pigment that appears after your skin has suffered from inflammation or trauma. It can happen after acne, allergic reactions, burns, eczema or even after chemical peels and treatments. Most often you’ll see PIH as flat, brown marks where the inflammation had occurred. Depending on how lucky you are, it can go away in a few weeks… or it can hang around for years until you finally decide to treat them!


beauty is for everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, we’re here to fuel your self-expression with skin routine for every skin tone.


  • Formulated with stabilized pure Vitamin C
  • Fade brown spots
  • Pigmentation
  • Dead skin cells
  • Dull skin tone
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Reduce visible fine lines
  • Brighter complexion
  • Clearer skin
  • Uneven skin tone


  • It improves the skin tone.
  • Helps improve dead skin texture.
  • It keeps the skin hydrated.
  • helps for pigmentation
  • Helps to whiten the skin.
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
  • It improves skin dullness.
  • It aids in skin nourishment.
  • Moisturizes the skin and makes it smoother.
  • Helps maintain clear skin.
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores.
  • Lightens dark marks and removes skin impurities.


  • It is a fast-acting spot treatment cream.
    Zinc Oxide and Centella Asiatica Leaf Water help healing of blemishes and breakouts.
    Use it with Centella Blemish Ampule to form a better synergy.


  • soft skin overnight
  • Whitening function
  • Skin nutrition
  • Skin moisturizing
  • Designed with pure and natural ingredients.
  • Brighten, nourish, and hydrate dull skin and transform it into a healthy, radiant looking skin.
  • Vegan


  • Hydrating, lightweight, non-irritant, and gentle for any skin type.
  • It has a natural tone-up effect after application with a semi-matte finish.
  • sunscreen is a great use for those who lived in hot and humid weather.
  • It has a natural tone-up effect after application with a semi-matte finish.
  • Recommended for combination and oily skin.


  • Makeup Remover
  • Skin Cleanser Hydrator
    A proprietary blend of actives that effectively cleanses skin deeply without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance
  • Formulated with Active botanicals, Hot Springs Water, Vitamin E and Vitamin C for a healthy complexion

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